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Lang Pools’ “No Pressure Design Process” for Pool Construction

Investing in a pool is a big decision for any family and the professionals at Lang Pools, Inc. understand that. It’s not one taken lightly and can even take years to decide. We want to help you and your family whenever we can, but we will never try to pressure you into a design or purchase. That’s why we created the Lang Pools “No Pressure Design Process.” We assist by offering evaluations and guidance to help you choose how big you can go and how to properly design your backyard to adequately fit the surrounding patio. We also go over all maintenance and equipment options available to set you up for successfully protecting your investment.

After you have your initial preconstruction meeting with your Lang Pools, Inc. project manager where elevation and pool location is decided, we can begin the construction. Our well-trained installation team will begin breaking ground on your pool about 1-3 weeks after the proper permits have been issued. It typically takes about 6-8 weeks from start to finish of the pool construction, but extensive mason work and landscaping can push the total project another 6-8 weeks. There are two major types of pool construction that we offer that either include tile or vinyl lining.

Fiberglass pool by Lang Pools

The Gunite Construction Process by Lang Pools, Inc.

There are major benefits to having Gunite used for your pool flooring instead of vinyl. While it can be costlier upfront, you don’t have to worry about replacing it for many years. It also allows for more customization in the actual shape of the pool. Below are the steps we follow for your pool’s construction:

  1. Preconstruction
  2. Excavation
  3. Framing
  4. Steel tex and pool interior plumbing
  5. Steel framework
  6. Concrete shell
  7. Electrical wiring and pool equipment plumbing
  8. Backfill
  9. Tile installation
in-ground pool with spa

The Vinyl Construction Process from Lang Pools, Inc.

The largest benefit with choosing vinyl liners is the time it takes for your pool to actually be constructed. This type of pool construction can only take a couple weeks, while Gunite can take a couple months. It is also much cheaper from the upfront cost of pool construction. Here are all the steps we take to create your new pool with vinyl liners:

  1. Preconstruction
  2. Excavation
  3. Panel installation
  4. Plumbing and electrical connections
  5. Concrete footing
  6. Backfill
  7. Shaping
  8. Vermiculite
  9. Deck installation
  10. Liner installation
  11. Pool start-up

Trusted Pool Professionals for Over 24 Years

Lang Pools, Inc. has been a family-owned and -operated business for the past 24 years and has built many pools for the families of Fairfield County, CT & Westchester County, NY. We guarantee that our pool construction processes will give your investment longevity to survive the year and keep its pristine appearance. Our fees are reasonable, and all our work is guaranteed. For more information, or to schedule service, please give us a call or you can fill out our service request form here.

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